Prevent Heartworms!

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April is Heartworm Awareness Month.  Is your dog on heartworm prevention? Heartworms are silent killers, and 100% preventable.  One mosquito bite is all it takes to infect your dog with heartworms. Please be responsible and keep your dog on prevention, 12 months out of the year!
Do you think this heart is able to pump blood with worms living in it?  NO!  This dog died of heart failure due to heartworms.  The signs are coughing, lethargy, and weight loss.  You will never see these worms, but we can detect them with a simple blood test. 

Think your dog will never get heartworms, and if he does, then you'll just treat it? Treatment is possible, but we only have 1 drug that will kill these worms, and it is not without side effects.  The cost of treatment is about 15 times that of prevention for the life of the dog.

Get your dog tested and tell all your friends!